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The 3rd ICEVE – International Congress of Evolutionary Entrepreneurship – from IIPC, in online edition, will be held from November 11th to 15th, 2022.

It is an energetic and mentalsomatic megafield, based on the Consciential Paradigm, which will bring together intermissivists and pre-intermissivists in a holothosene of interclarification based on the sharedtheorices(theories+practices) of those who have evolved and are changing themselves, their teams and their environmentsat ego, group and polykarmic levels.

The objectiveis to encourageparticipantsto go deeper into evolutionaryentrepreneurshipthrough interassistantial adaptability and innovationin the context of the intensification of extraphysical reurbanization(reurbex) on the planet.

The renewal of Earth’s holothosene begins with consciousness, intra or extraphysical, which promotes cosmoethical changes.

Let’s be the transformation the planet needs.

For Whom

Innovative and transformative entrepreneurs, protagonists of neoideas, goals and projects, aiming to implement and carry out personal and group endeavors on the changing planet;

Lucid evolutionary entrepreneurs, in synergistic interassistantial movement, proactive to personal existential programming and group maxiprogramming;

Interested in self-research triggered by the use of energies and lucid experiences of parapsychic phenomena in helping of extraphysical reurbanization;

Volunteers, intermissivists, pre-intermissivists, students interested in expanding and updating entrepreneurial knowledge and challenges in the context of digital technology.

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3rd ICEVE Program

The 3rd International Congress of Evolutionary Entrepreneurship is full of activities, there are 4 Masterclasses, 7 Conferences, 4 Workshops, 1 Talk Show, and several Tables for the presentation of the articles selected for the event!

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Selected Articles



Parapoliticology and evolutionary entrepreneurship
Félix Wong


Online volunteering: an existencial upgrading
Felipe Junqueira

Assumption and qualification of interassistantial leadership through conscientiological volunteering
George Rabelo

Multidimensional Entrepreneurship: Executive of Synchronous Courses of IIPC
Felipe Junqueira, Helaine Solano Lima de Carvalho, Josélia Lopes de Almeida, Lucas da Rocha Soares, Maelin Silva, Naíma Huk Amarante, Patrícia Ferreira de Souza Lima e Priscila Silva de Carvalho

Orthocommunicability facilitated by updating self-image
Liane Borges

Projectiology & Reurbex Course: challenging experience of group evolutionary entrepreneurship in the making of the 3rd online edition of the event
Ana Ceres, Félix Wong, Isabel Fernandes, Lidia Oliveira, Luciano Regnier, Patricia Alves, Patrícia Ferreira de Souza Lima, Paulo Roberto Franco, Smaily Prado Carrilho e Wellington Aires Freitas dos Santos

Megachallenge of teaching: the Projectiology course in synchronous format
Eduardo Ezagui, Halina Souza, Júlio Borges, Luiz Henrique, Marcelo Sereno, Monica Gil e Renato Alvarenga

IIPC Saquarema Campus: motivating institutional statistics and challenges of the evolutionary enterprise
Rafael Cavalcanti, Liane Borges, Paulo Borges e Ângela Gonçalves

Synergistic interconnection of personal and group entrepreneurship in conscientiological volunteering
Graça Berbigier

Financial Management in conscientiocentric institutions: consciential paradigm applied to evolutionary entrepreneurship
Nelson Marinho

Interassistantial entrepreneurship applied to the materialization of the Projectiology Campus
Cirlei Gurgel e Shérida Wong

Qualification of cosmoethical leadership
Monica Gil

Reurbanizing entrepreneurship in Serra Gaúcha: technical parareurbanologic visit
Adriana Polmann e Cleverson Rachadel

The Civil service, evolutionary and non-evolutionary entrepreneurship: projectiological and proexological repercussions
André Luís Resende Monteiro

Self-experimentation in conscientiological entrepreneurship and pioneering
João Colpo

Pre-intermissiological evolutionary entrepreneurship
Luzia Machado

Consciential openness and paradidactic: ways of undertaking the neointermissivists reception.
Sirlene Felisberto Rodrigues

Pensatas club and group maxiproexis: the experiences from IIPC volunteers from Caxias do Sul/RS CEA and Vacaria/RS nucleus
Alexandre Grahlmann da Silva, Cassandra Fonseca Fagundes, Dorval Paganella, Elio Zanette, Elisson Stephânio Savi Pauletti, Odete Mariza Goulart Zanette, Rosicléia Teixeira Pauletti, Sibele Veremzuk Xavier e Thais Suzin

The value of groupality in the entrepreneurship of the new teaching paradigm at IIPC: from analogical to digital – towards the hybrid mode
Estela de Lima Bruno, Felipe Portilho, Graciela Boschetti, Isabel Fernandes, Josélia Lopes de Almeida, Rejane Sagaz e Vitor Celso Domingues Junior

Welcoming Volunteering
Maria Ester Cezário

From family enterprise to proexological enterprise: a case study
Yana Fortuna

Extension Nucleus: interassistantial enterprise and holothosenic ascension in Mogiana Region
Adriana Falseti, Cristina Heyden e José Osvaldo Coelho

Entrepreneurial diversified friendships under the evoluciogenic perspective
Geraldo Matos Guedes

Thomas Say’s (1709 – 1796) projectiological entrepreneurship: contributions to the history of Projectiology
Alessandra Nascimento e Eduardo Ezagui

Large scale pacifist leadership
Paulo Ricardo Araujo de Souza

The leverage of personal evolutionary entrepreneurship in adopting veganism
Guilherme Vasconcellos


Interassistantial enhancements as a result of the scientificity applied to self-experimentation of the parapsychic phenomenon
Maria Aparecida Filgueira Campos

Evolutionary self-entrepreneurship, Orthothosenity, and Detachment
Rosa Maria Ramalho

Sustaining the evolutionary consciential capabilities
Simone Maria Sandi

Educational projection: impact on evolutionary entrepreneurship
Edelar Prohmann

IIPC communication highlights in times of digital transformation
Augusto Azevedo, Eliana Moura, Guilhermo Luna, Hilton Gunça, Isabel Fernandes, Jacira Cancio, Luís Fernando Santana, Maurício Moreira Bottino, Sandra Souza, Simone Inoue e Suzanne Vaz

Interassistantial group cohesion
Josiane Martinhago Raldi e Raquel de Medeiros Fernandes Costa

Interassistantial technological fearlessness
Silvia Helena Virote de Souza

The teacher’s profile and proposal of group research in Brasília: sustaining evolutionary undertakings in the federal capital
Afrânia Correia

Effects of evolutionary boldness in the improvement of holosomatic health
Luiz Henrique Ejzemberg

Self-diagnostic technique through observation of eating behavior and use of assertivogram as a way to evaluate interventions
Estela de Lima Bruno

* ERRATA: We inform you that there was correction in the list of papers, published on 04/01/2022, in the categories Article and Abstract, due to misunderstanding occurred during the transfer of the classification worksheet to the disclosed list. Date of publication of the fix: 05/04/2022.

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Live Debates

Follow the free lives on Evolutionary Entrepreneurship
Evolutionary Entrepreneurship

Evolutionary Panel:
Evolutionary Entrepreneurship

February 8th, 2022

Group Evolutionary

March 10th, 2022

Friday Talk:
How to Undertake Evolutionarily*

March 25th, 2022

Official Disclosure
of Approved Articles

April 1st, 2022

Teática de Empresas Evolutivas
e Conscienciocêntricas com Renan
Temp | Conversa de Sexta #6

April 29, 2022

Conscientiology 360°:
Money and Evolutionary

May 26, 2022

Evolutionary Entrepreneurship:
Cosmoethical Self-Leadership for Consciential Evolution

May 27, 2022

Evolutionary Entrepreneurship and 1st International Meeting of Intermissivists in Strasbourg (2018)

July 4, 2022

Open Book:
Alley of the Geniuses of Humanity

July 24, 2022

From conventional Entrepreneurship to
Evolutionary Entrepreneurship

July 1, 2022

Cine Debate:
"Who cares"

July 2, 2022

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For every 10 enrolments, at least 3 are donated to Resoma of Self-Research Educational Centers (CEAs) and at least another 3 are donated to the IIPC Campus Project - Foz do Iguaçu.


Enrollment Donated to
CEA's Resoma


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of the sales of the International Congress of Evolutionary Entrepreneurship will go towards the construction of Campus IIPC – Foz do Iguaçu and its Projetarium!


Not even what they tell you on this site.


Have your personal experiences.


Not even what they tell you on this site.


Have your personal experiences.

Don't miss this opportunity!


Learn about the history of ICEVE -
International Congress of Evolutionary Entrepreneurship




The I International Congress of Evolutionary Entrepreneurship (ICEVE) took place on November 11th, 12th and 13th, 2011 in the city of Manaus-AM, with the theme: Materializing Interassistantial Innovations.

The event was organized by volunteers from the Self-Research Educational Center of Manaus-AM, and the III Journey of Conscientiological Administration was added to the congress.

The first version of the ICEVE had the participation of 189 attendees, among which 23 presented their research.



Foz do Iguaçu-PR

The II ICEVE took place from November 12th to 14th, 2016 in the city of Foz do Iguaçu-PR with the theme: Assuming Interassistantial Entrepreneurship.

The IV Conscientiological Administration Journey was also part of the event.

120 attendees participated.

The program consisted of:
– 5 conferences;
18 research presentations in 6 debate tables;
– 6 displayed panels;
– 4 mini-courses;
– 1 pre-event before the Congress.


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